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These minibooks were born from a desire to get foundational truths into believer's hands in an easy-to-read and easy-to-carry format. We redesigned these books for the Internet to be printer-friendly for your convenience. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store. Media can either be streamed or downloaded to your computer, click here to find out more. Some items are also available on CD and DVD formats at our online store.

Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord Freedom From That Heavy Load of Cares. 'Have you ever felt so weighed down by worries and concerns that 'hopeless' was the only word to adequately describe your feelings?' So begins Dave Roberson as he takes you on a simple, scriptural journey that will teach you how to cast your cares upon the altar of the Lord and leave them there. You may have let the cares of this life weigh you down with feelings of discouragement and despair, but now you can find out how to walk free from that heavy load once and for all. The peace of God that surpasses all understanding is yours to claim!
       Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Four Steps Out of Tribulation From Tribulation to Triumph. In 'Four Steps Out of Tribulation,' Dave Roberson outlines four scriptural steps you can take when problems like sickness and financial pressure arise in your life that seem to be out of control. Do not resign yourself to defeat just because your situation looks impossible. You are just four steps away from victory.
       Four Steps Out of Tribulation | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Grace Illustrated Not by Works but by the Grace of God. If you sometimes feel like you never measure up in the eyes of God, this book is for you! Dave Roberson takes you through the familiar teaching of the prodigal son and his elder brother to prove a crucial point: Your fellowship with God depends not on what you can do to earn it, but on what Jesus did to purchase it! God is not waiting for you to do all the right things so He can enjoy fellowship with you. He is just waiting for you to get it in your heart once and for all - it is not by your works, but by His grace!
       Grace Illustrated | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
How to Grow in God You're Born Again, But Now What? Do you have a desire to grow in your walk with God? Would you like to be set free from those negative ways of thinking and old, sinful habits that have kept you bound for years? If your answer is yes, then 'How to Grow in God' is just what you need! In this book, Dave Roberson gives you vital keys that will help you walk free from the dominion of sin, empower your faith to receive your inheritance, and lead you straight into the wonderful plan of God for your life!
       How to Grow in God | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
The Journey Back to God From Spiritual Bondage to Freedom in God. Thousands of believers who have fallen prey to the strategies of the enemy are now locked up in an invisible prison of sin and compromise. In 'The Journey Back to God,' Dave Roberson provides a vital spiritual weapon that every believer can employ to break free from the devil's strongholds. So take the first step and start your own journey from spiritual bondage to a life of freedom and victory in God!
       The Journey Back to God | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Learning to Be Led by the Holy Spirit Do You Want the Holy Spirit to Lead You? In this book, Dave Roberson presents a unique scriptural understanding of what it means to be led by the Holy Spirit through the inner witness. Dave teaches from the Scriptures that before anything else, the Holy Spirit leads you 'out of a walk based on the flesh and dominated by your emotions into a walk of the spirit in which you can know how to discern His voice.' So if you want to learn how to be led by the Holy Spirit, do not try to skip the first step. As you yield to the leadership of the Holy Spirit in your life, you will find a life of liberty and victory waiting on the other side!
       Learning to Be Led by the Holy Spirit | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Marriage, Divorce, and the Children Get Your Home in Order. Attention parents! God has given you stewardship over the lives of your children, and He does not want you to take that responsibility lightly. In this book, Dave Roberson shares his scriptural insights on the subject of divorce and remarriage, focusing on the question that matters most to God: What is best for the children? So let the priorities of God become your priorities and watch Him move on your behalf to help you get your home in order!
       Marriage, Divorce, and the Children | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
The Miracle of the New Birth The Transforming Power of the New Birth. What exactly takes place in your life when you receive Jesus as your personal Savior? Discovering the answer to that question is the first step out of continual defeat into a life of power and victory! In 'The Miracle of the New Birth,' Dave Roberson explains the creative process that takes place at the moment of salvation - a supernatural process that transforms your nature and sets you free forever from the dominion of sin. So get ready for a deeper revelation of the change that occurs inside you when you are born again. It is far more than you have ever dreamed, imagined, or conceived!
       The Miracle of the New Birth | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Standing in the Gap The Vital Role of Intercession. In 'Standing in the Gap,' Dave Roberson stresses, 'Sometimes our prayers are all that stand between hell and our loved ones who are trying to get there.' Drawing both from his deep knowledge of the Scriptures and his own personal experience, Dave explains why intercession is so powerful to protect and to deliver those whom you love. God is looking for those who will stand in the gap through empowered intercession. Make sure you are one of those He finds!
       Standing in the Gap | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Transformation of the Soul Let the Transformation Begin! God commands us in Romans 12:2 to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. But have you ever wondered what practical steps you could take to obey that command? Dave Roberson answers that question in his book 'Transformation of the Soul.' Gleaning from his many years of walking with God, Dave provides practical steps for meditating on the Word that will help you become all God has called you to be. Find out how to harness the power of your soul according to the Word of God - then let the transformation begin!
       Transformation of the Soul | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
The Unpardonable Sin 'Have I Committed the Unpardonable Sin?' Have you ever asked yourself that question? Do you know someone else who has? Well, Dave Roberson has insights from the Word of God to help clear up the confusion! In 'The Unpardonable Sin,' Dave explores a key passage in Hebrews to find out what it really means to commit the unpardonable sin. His teaching will help you put any unfounded worries to rest, and his scriptural solution will point you in the right direction so you can move on with God!
       The Unpardonable Sin | (download); Author: Dave Roberson
Worship Defeats Poverty Worship: The Key to Freedom. Have you been searching for a way to be set free from worry, fear, poverty, lack, and every other strategy of the devil? Dave Roberson provides you with the key to freedom in this little book. In 'Worship Defeats Poverty,' Dave points the way to escape the bondage of the flesh and carnal emotions so you can live in the abundance that is yours in Christ!
       Worship Defeats Poverty | (download); Author: Dave Roberson

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